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Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL goes for a World Record on Sunday

Sunday June 9th at 3:00 PM at the Superman Statue

Sign-In for Event: Sunday, June 9th from Noon until 2:45 PM at the tent beside the Superman Statue
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Metropolis will attempt to bring back a Guinness World Record this year on June 9th. During the 35th Superman Celebration, organizers will once again encourage Superman fans from all over to meet at the Superman Statue to break the record for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman. The Guinness World Record was set by 122 people in 2008 during the 30th Superman Celebration. In August 2010, Goodman Masson, UK’s largest independent financial recruitment company broke the record with 180 people. The title changed hands again when a group of 437 employees with Nexen Inc. located in Calgary Alberta of Canada broke the record for the second time since being set by the Metropolis group.

With Superman standing for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, organizers of the popular festival want to bring the Guinness World Record for The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman back to the United States and more importantly to Metropolis Home of Superman!

Men, Women & Children of all ages are invited to participate in the attempt to be held on Sunday, June 9 around the Superman Statue at Superman Square located in Metropolis Illinois. The attempt will take place at 3:00 and according to the requirements for a Guinness World Record, participants must stand in place for 10 minutes. The attempt must be documented with a roster, photos, video & witnesses in order to be confirmed as a successful record. Participants must be in a full licensed Superman costume. Check-in will start at 12:00pm. (Fan-made costumes that fulfill the required elements are considered acceptable. See the note below.)

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and awards will be given to the largest group or organization to participate, the oldest participant, the youngest participant, the largest family represented and the participant that traveled the furthest.

PLEASE NOTE: The costume requirements for participating in this event are as follows:

Any costume must have the blue body suit, the red and yellow “S” shield on the chest, the yellow belt, the red cape, red boots, and the red trunks. Guinness has given us no indication that other costume variations set forth in the comics, films, or books other than the Classic Superman version or the “Superman Returns” version are considered acceptable, so- to be safe- we are limiting it to these two costume styles only. The Rubies-brand Classic Superman and Superman Returns costumes are considered acceptable as they are officially licensed. Fan-made costumes are acceptable as long as they meet the criteria listed above.