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Bo’s Transformation Story


My name is Bo Matthews, from afternoons on 92.3 WIL, and this is my transformation story.

All of my life I’ve had a love affair with food.  Growing up in a German/Italian family, there was always tons of food around.  It was how my family showed their love, and I ate it up! When we would go out to eat it was smorgasbords, buffets, or the all you can eat special at some restaurant and the goal was always to get our money’s worth.   To me it was always a personal challenge.  Packing it in was the goal…and I was awesome at it.  At ten years old, my mother bought a donut shop, where I worked until I was 18.  People would joke that I was eating the profits.  Everyone was a comedian.  Strangers, friends, and family all made jokes at my expense.

The first time I tipped the scales passed 300lbs I was only 15 years old at 5’8”.   I was on the verge of high blood pressure and the doctor said “Lose the weight and you won’t have to go on medication”.  I went on a fad diet where they sell you pre-packaged, bland, nasty, substance they call food.   I lost 117lbs.  After cutting out the sugar completely I grew 8 inches in one year.  I kept that weight off for 4 years and started my radio career out west.  All alone, and feeling homesick the weight started to come back on.  But, radio was the perfect job because I was just a voice nobody knew what I looked like.

Over the years I have been on this vicious cycle of diet, reach my goal weight and reward myself by going back to the buffet.  Frustrated by my cyclical battles with weight, I eventually swore off dieting.

In March of 2011 I was in New York City on business, and everywhere I went I was referred to as “Big Man”.  Strangers, bellmen, taxi drivers, everyone called me the same nickname.  It really got to me.  A switch went off in my head.   I had to do something once and for all.

First, I went to my doctor for a general physical.  At 6’4” and 313lbs. this big man was on the brink of high blood pressure once again.  Next, I asked friends and co-workers how they were successfully losing weight.  Everyone said what I already knew, but this time I really heard it, change your diet and EXERCISE!  Several of them shared that they were taking products they got at Supplement Superstores that were really increasing and speeding up their results.  They were excited to tell me how these supplements curbed their appetite, helped control food cravings and gave them energy to exercise.   Most importantly this was not a diet, they were tools to help me change my life style.

Excited to learn more, I went into Supplement Superstores in Fenton.   They were so helpful and confident that I could transform my life. They talked to me about how to use the supplements and literally filled out a food intake plan.  Their meal and snack ideas taught me how to eat clean and they strongly suggested exercising.  They even covered me on my sweet tooth cravings with 1st Phorm Level 1 Protein shakes.  Now instead of living to eat I was finally eating to live.

So after taking the supplements for a few weeks and noticing that I was losing weight I started swimming laps in the lake on my property.  That went on for a couple of months until one day a fish bit my nipple!!  That was the Ah-ha moment!  I needed to get into a gym!

I’ve been going to Gold’s for over a year now and not once has my nipple been bit.  Seriously, going to the gym is now a part of my week.  Beyond that I enjoy going for a walk/jog in my neighborhood on my off days and when watching TV often times I’ll be doing pushups, sit ups, crunches or lunges.   My ATV used to be my ‘legs’.  I didn’t walk anywhere.  In 6 years I had put over six hundred miles on it and it never left my 7 acre piece of property.  In the past year, I haven’t put 5 miles on it.

Now I challenge myself in unique ways.  For instance, I had a pile of ten logs all about 6 feet long on the far side of my property.  Instead of getting my tractor to move them, I carried them myself.  With a log over each shoulder I carried them over the extremely hilly terrain.  I moved all of them with my newfound strength.  Each trip was 400 steps…yes I counted.

For Christmas 2011 my wife bought me a pair of 38” jeans…I looked at them, thanked her and set them to the side and went on to the next present.  Although I had been making new holes in my belt to wear my jeans I thought there is no way I could fit into a 38” waist…it took me three days to try them on and low and behold…they fit and were actually a little loose on me.  Apparently, my wife saw the new me, before I was able to.  That’s when I started to clear out my closet.

I started this transformation weighing 317lbs, wearing XXXL shirts and 42/44” waist.  Now down 70lbs and 24 inches I now wear XL shirts and 36” pants.   Going to buy a couple of suits for another business trip to NYC I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I went from a 52 Long to a 46 Long.  There I was, back where it all began, the ‘BIG MAN’ in the Big Apple.  I walked the streets waiting for the dreaded ‘big man’ nickname to be thrown at me.   I walked for blocks and blocks and not one person referred to me as Big Man…not once!  Man that felt good.

The supplements, advice, and encouragement from Supplement Superstores have provided me with what I need to control my love affair with food.  I still eat the foods I love but have the strength to control my portions.  And, the energy has me focused on starting my days with physical activity.  I’ve often said to my wife as I head out the door to workout…”Who am I?”  I love the new me, I feel better and I’m not shopping in the Big and Tall store anymore.

The biggest lesson is changing what I eat and getting active.  I’m stronger than ever.  It feels so good when someone notices my transformation.  But, the best part is meeting people who are changing their life after hearing my story on the radio.  Thanks to the pros at Supplement Superstores for their knowledge and encouragement…and for introducing me to the BMR Commander Go Pack.  This amazing weight loss supplement helps me get the absolute most out of the work I do.

If you’re not the person you want to be I encourage you to get to Supplement Superstore and talk to them.  Every one of those guys in the stores is a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists and Certified Personal Trainers and if they can help this “Big Guy” I know they can help you too!  If they tell you to try the BMR Commander Go Pack (or BMR Bliss Go Pack for the ladies) say YES.  They’ll give you a free sample or if you bring this email in and mention me they will knock 25% off the price.


Here is a list of their locations.

You can do this!




  1. Love you Bo Best of health!

  2. Denise Mitchell

    I am so happy for you. Healthy!!!!!

  3. What no pics of the before and after look???