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Been an iPhone or iPad user for awhile. Has the   device started to feel stale? That’ll change this  fall when a new version of iOS is pushed out to  Apple gadget owners. iOS is the operating system  that runs your Apple gadgets and it’s about to get what one Apple exec calls “the biggest change … since the introduction of the iPhone.”

Control Center   New in iOS 7 is a Control Center. It’s an area that    can be activated from within any app that brings  control to Wi-Fi, brightness and other frequently  accessed settings. From Control Center you can   access a flashlight, start a song, toggle AirPlay   and more.

Multitasking iOS 7 will bring better multitasking and   background processing to all apps. It will monitor    which apps you use frequently to help determine  which ones need more full-functioning multitasking.   When apps send push notifications, for instance, the phone will know to start to give that app background  processing so that it will work more quickly and  intuitively.
Safari The Safari web browser for iOS 7 has a new look and feel, including a new tabbed view.

AirDrop AirDrop will let users share photos or files  with other iOS users who are nearby.

Photos and Camera The Camera and Photo apps received a major   overhaul. Not only is it easier to manage large    numbers of photographs, users can now create Shared  Photostreams — group albums — that other users can  post into and share with others.

Siri Siri has a new look AND a new voice. Users can  choose between male and female voices for Siri. Siri  is also getting smarter, it will now pull in data  from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.
iOS in the Car Apple is going to bring iOS to the dashboard of   your car. Support for iOS in the car will be coming  to Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Volvo, Acura   and others.

New App Store The App Store has a new design and will show  apps that are popular nearby, as well as apps  popular with your friends. The best part? Your apps   now update automatically.

Music and iTunes Radio The Music app gets the same visual overhaul as   the rest of the system but the big feature with   music and iOS 7 is iTunes Radio. Think of it as a   hybrid between Pandora and Songza, built-into iOS.