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What Happens On The Longest Day?

I always say, the most precious gift is the gift of moments. It’s not about the fancy car, but the memories of the moments you had in that car, where you were going, and who you were with. When we talk about our lives and the things that were most meaningful to us, we talk about moments. Your first kiss.  Your prom dress. Falling in love. Your dad walking you down the aisle. Your child’s first words. Family dinners. Moments of joy. Moments that made us who we are today. Moments that became memories.

Can you imagine life without those memories? Can you imagine seeing someone you love, lose those moments, lose those memories? 

That’s what Alzheimer’s does. It steals your memories, your identity.

On The Longest Day, do what you love to honor those facing Alzheimer’s disease – or try something new! Run, hike or cycle; host a day of painting and pottery; organize a tennis or basketball tournament – anything you do will have an impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Here’s the link for all the information on how you can help!

AND I would LOVE for you to join me and TEAM WIL on Saturday, August 31st at Busch Stadium at the Walk To End Alzheimer’s!  $25.00 gets you on the team for a GREAT day to make a difference and have fun doing it!

Here’s the link to join my team!