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Ladies Only!

I am SO excited about this!

I am starting an adventure here on WIL and the Cornbread Show!

I know we’ve had a few very successful “Judi’s BFF Club” contests and outings and I talked to the “Brass” here at the station and they gave me the OKAY to really do even more with the Club!

Here’s the first problem, though and I NEED YOUR HELP, LADIES!  We are going to have a very exciting BFF Club, but we need a new name!  This is all for the girls!  chicks only!  No boys allowed!  (well, maybe on occasion if they happen to be Luke Bryan or Keith Urban…:))))))))  I’m not loving the name Judi’s BFF Club !   Because it’s MORE than just us chicks and our best friends!  This new feature will be all about us gals!  From single chicks, to married ladies, working moms, stay at home moms, from graduate students to teachers, nurses, and more!

We’re gonna touch on everything that’s important to us women.  No matter our age!  Beauty, Fashion, Work, Business, Friends, Relationships, Health, Food and fitness just to name a few!  And, of course, we will have CONTESTS!  Woo Hoo!  But it’s about sharing with each other!  We already have ONE THING IN COMMON…We LOVE country music!

We were trying to come up with something cute that perhaps had a play on Diamond (get it…Judi Diamond!)  But we couldn’t think of anything!  So, for now, we are calling the new Judi’s BFF Club:

“Judi’s Chick Click”  (a play on the word “clique” and “click” for computer clicks!)

BUT:  we are really OPEN to your suggestions?  Should we name it “Diamonds Gems”?  or perhaps, “Country Chicks Club” ?

HELP!  and THANK YOU!  Looking forward to a ton of fun pics, videos, blogs and contests for my club!  and….IT’S FREE!  (BEST PART!)




  1. How about the Diamond Country Club?

  2. Diamonds in the Rough Club…women have had rough times in this world, so i thought the name was fitting…

  3. Something about diamonds being a girl’s best friend.