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Moody Music


I am living proof of the music-therapy research that confirms sad music helps a broken heart — and can be a first step in overcoming depression.

When I was going through my divorce, Sara Evan’s “A little Bit Stronger” was my go-to song.  It was as if I had written the song, and especially knowing that what Sara Evan’s had gone through in her personal life was similar to what I was going through at the time.

Now….I can’t listen to that song AT ALL!  But It helped me get through a tough time!

And so did it really take a research team to tell any of us that music is healing?  No.  But I WAS surprised to find out that if your depressed, go ahead and listen to sad songs and if you’re happy, feed your happiness with some happy music!

What I wanna know is what is YOUR go to song?  What songs have helped you out in the past, or now, get through tough times?

What songs do you identify with  with certain life moments!   And do you stop listening to songs because they remind you of a certain time?  When I’m partying on the lake or with friends, I love to hear just about ANY Luke Bryan Song!   Feeling Melancholy?  I love Zac Brown Bands “Colder Weather”!