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Face it: Marriage and Your Mug!


According to a new study the shape of your face could possibly play a role in determining how long your relationships last, according to a new study.  So DO YOU have a Face for Marriage?

In the research, men were shown pictures of women’s faces and they had to decide which ones they would choose for long-term relationship and which ones they’d have a fling with. What they found was that the women with the softest, most feminine features (a smaller chin or fuller cheeks) were more likely to be rated as a fling and the ones with squarer jaws and high cheekbones were more on the long-term end. Why? Well, they don’t know, but they’re theorizing that the feminine feature are seen as prettier, which means the women have more options and may cheat.

Personally, I don’t believe in these kinds of studies, because they usually only do the research with a handful of people, but having said that:  If YOU are curious as to what Shape is your face?

This might help you!