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Get Rich On Beanie Babies or Barbies?



Fresh from Huffington Post:

“The 1998 edition of the Scholastic Beanie Baby Handbook listed the original price of Beanie Babies when they were first released, how much they sold for in 1998, and their estimated price in 2008,

Beanie Babies were supposed to be a good investment. From page 27 of the book:

Stripes the Dark Tiger was estimated to be worth $1,000 in 2008.

But today you can get it for $9.95.


Here’s some information about Cabbage Patch dolls:
did you ever invest either money, time or emotions over something that didn’t pan out?
Judi invested money in Skeleton Warriors thinking it would be the NEXT BIG THING!  It lasted one season and a bunch of toys in the dollar store :/


Mac invested his music heart into the One Hit Wonder Band Dexters Midnight Runners (COME ON Mac, I mean AILENE!)