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What The 4th?

It’s ALWAYS fun to celebrate America’s Birthday in a fun and patriotic, crazy style, I always say!  But, EVERYONE wears a flag t-shirt!  I wanted to see what different styles and makeup tips that I could find for my Chick Click to pass on to YOU!  I found the wonderful Kandee Johnson who is fun and crazy and has some GREAT fashion and makeup ideas for the 4th of July!  You want “Flag Lips”?  Are you bold enough to wear them?  I think I just might!  Check out the video below and if you DARE to try any of Kandee’s fashion tips, send pics to me!  Would LOVE to post them right here on Judi’s Chick Click for all to see our amazing bREDhead chicks rockin’ the fourth of July, Breadhead style!

Do YOU have any different ideas for style and fashion for fourth (4th) of July 2013?  What ARE you doing for the 4th of July to celebrate our Independence?

Judi Diamond