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To…The House That Built Me


YES, THAT’s ME as a kid!  Braces were very helpful, thank you very much!  :)

Wow, this week has FLOWN by!  Been in L.A. since last Saturday for a “Vacation” to see my parents, sister, brothers and long time friends I grew up with.

Now, if you have ever spent your “vacation” visiting back home, then you know it’s more like a “checklist of who you must see and spend time with” than a “vacation”.  (Hence the quotation marks).

(This is an Instagram video I took in Santa Monica, California.  Notice my dad is wearing a WIL shirt?  lol!)

Having said that, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Would I love to be able to cruise the Rivera?  Take an Alaskan trip?  Eat my way through Italy, rather than through my mother’s overstuffed refrigerator?  Oh, I suppose that would be nice.  But OH, to spend PRECIOUS time with family and friends I haven’t seen in months, if not years, is priceless!  (Having said THAT, I would love an “Eat, Pray, Love” kinda vacation in Italy.  If I was rich!  But, I digress….

Judi’s Mom and Dad

What is it about going home to where a person grows up, to “The House that Built them”, that makes a person feel as if they’re still a child?  My mother is awesome, as is my father!  But, my mom will ALWAYS embarrass me no matter what is her age (or mine)!  For example:  She and I are in a local Mall and she wants to stop by the Bath and Body store to see what kind of sales they are having.  Then, she says to the sales lady:  “I ONLY shop at MY Bath and Body store near me because the sales people CARRY OUT my purchases to my car”.  The woman tried to be nice, but said “Well, we are in a Mall, so it’s a bit difficult”.  Then my mother went on and on about how great HER Bath and Body salespeople were.  Yea.  You get the gist.  I thanked the woman and gently steered my mom to the door.  This isn’t age, by the way.  This is how my mother has and always will be.  She says whatever is on her mind…at any time!  Hmmm…I guess that’s where I got THAT from!

Cali girl family

Oh!  But to go through the photos of when my brothers, sister and I were kids!  I knew I was always a total nerd and totally awkward….but WHY?  WHY did my mom and dad let me go out of the house looking like THAT?  When I posed the question to my dad, he laughed and said “Now, Judi.  That’s why you are so creative!  Because we LET you be YOU!”.  Whatever dad.  All I know, is that by “me being me” I was teased relentlessly!  But, again….I suppose I wouldn’t be ME, now would I?

I’ve just about seen everyone that is on my “must see” list and STILL I haven’t seen everyone I’d love to see!  If only I could have another week!  But, as I’ve been told by my very own mom, “Relatives are like fish…after 3 days they STINK”!  Do you suppose she’s trying to tell me something?  :)

All kidding aside, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been back home without having to work or film anything for about 3 years, so it has been a GREAT time.  I wish I could bottle up this time and save it to re-live whenever I was down or missing my family back home.  Now THERE’s an APP I would BUY!  But I’m also looking forward to being back with my St. Louis Family and all the Breadheads and Chicks Click friends!

Best part of the trip so far:  Being witness to my brother, Kevin, finally admitting to my mom that it was HE who talked our sister Shana into climbing the light post outside (She had epilepsy as a kid and could’ve had a seizure 10 feet off the ground), NOT me!   And I was the one who got in trouble!  Alas!  Vindication!   Can I get my 3 days grounding back, mom?