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Did She Say “I Do”?


I am an incurable romantic!  Thanks to Youtube, there have been some pretty amazing wedding proposals from all over the world that have made many laugh, cry and shout to their computer screens “JUST SAY YES”!  One of my favorites happens to also star the very funny and talented Zach Braff!  I guess Zach must be good friends with the dude, but the interesting thing is, he wrote the song that accompanies the proposal that you hear just for the occasion.  And although in the song he writes he’s “not a rock star”, people are wanting to download that song!

So perhaps, not only is he getting a wife (Did I spoil the ending?  Watch it anyway!), but I be he ends up BECOMING a rock star because IMO, it’s a GREAT song!

Although I am divorced, (as you probably know by now if you are a Breadhead or watch my T.V. show MFF: ), my Ex Mike did an amazing job of a proposal for me.  He invited me to watch a movie and before the movie started, a huge sign come up on the screen in front of a packed house that said “Will You Marry Me, Judi?”.  It was very sweet, and I was extremely surprised!

Have you ever been proposed to in a different way?  Unique?  Romantic?  Crazy?  Have you ever said “No”?  Share your comments and thanks for being a part of “Judi’s Chick Click”!