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The BEST way to Get her to say YES

LOVE this Theater Trailer Wedding Proposal!

It’s called “The Rain Room”, but it might need to be renamed the “I DO” Room!  There is an Art installation at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, and it has been dubbed the “Engagement room” because so far, four men have proposed marriage to their lady loves inside the exhibit

This is according to a story published this week in the New York Times.  I love seeing romantic rain scenes in movies, so this is right up MY alley!  Wouldn’t it be a great idea to create some sort of a proposal theme place with different romantic “theme” rooms for men to propose to their women?

It doesn’t matter if your single or married, lots of us hopeless romantics dream of the perfect proposal from their man. Did you get THAT perfect proposal?  Or, what would YOUR perfect proposal be?

And….FOR YOU GUYS:  Here are the most popular ways that women want to be proposed to:

This was from a poll conducted by YAHOO SHINE:

1).  Over a Candle lit dinner.

Now, you MUST put the ring somewhere that she least expects it AND (This is IMPORTANT guys) she won’t EAT it!  You spent a LOT on that PERFECT ring, you certainly don’t want her to choke on it, or worse yet…make you have to go through #2 looking for it.  Not a great way to start a marriage.

2).  At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

76% of women LOVE this and what a great way to start a new year and a new life together!  Or, if she says no, you could check out the New Years After parties for single ladies!

3).  On a beautiful beach while vacationing on a secluded island.

91% of women say you can’t go wrong!  Just don’t drop the ring in the sand (unless you happen to have a metal detector with you, in which case, she will think you’re not only lame, but a nerdy lamo who could perhaps be a hoarder and dumpster diver.  Unless she’s into that too.

4). Rose Petals leading to the ring tied to a rubber Ducky.

It’s cute.  Romantic.  Sweet.  Clean.  AND it will lead to a great story for years to come!  Think of all the inexpensive anniversary gifts you could give your wife by just reminding her how she said yes with a bath full of bubbles, bubbly and you!

and last but not least:

5).  In a Hot Air Balloon.

75% of women thought it was a GREAT way to propose!  You’re high in the sky, with the wind in her hair, she looks beautiful and it’s only she and you…well, and the guy piloting the balloon, but, whatever.  She will LOVE it!  And if you are at all in doubt as to her answer, you might wanna have that parachute at a ready to make a beautiful and daring escape while she sees you daredevil away showing her what a hero she missed out on!  (better make sure you know that you take those parachute lessons first, though!)

So there you have it guys!  Judi’s Chick Clicks ain’t JUST for chicks!  We’re just slowly nudging you on the correct way to be a romantic fool.  Which we ladies, love!