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Bettie Page and Stevie Nicks Fashion ALL the RAGE

Hello Chick Click friends!  When I was in L.A. I got to see what is IN, IN, IN BEFORE it’s here in the Lou!  RETRO 70’s (think Stevie Nicks) and Retro 40’s (See below) is THE THING!  I LOVED the retro swimsuits so much, I bought one!  Is it Trendy or Trashy?

I think it’s total trendy and actually classy!  I don’t have the perfect skinny little figure!  I’m curvy and petite, and the retro high waisted worked great on me!  Now for a little Stevie Nicks style that is ALL the rage in California!  Take a look here:


Again, I love this look too!  Would you rock either one of these retro looks?  Sidecca, where I got my retro bathing suit pictured here:

and other fashions like it can be purchased online here:

But lucky for US there is a store coming to ST. LOUIS with retro looks!  It’s

And a store is supposedly going to be opening in one of the two new Chesterfield Outlet malls opening this August!  I’ll keep ya posted!  Until then:  Happy Shopping and Bargaining!

– Judi