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Why Should YOU watch this?


Maybe you’ve heard the buzz.  I was bugged by a friend over and over again with “Have YOU watched ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK yet on Netflix”?  Finally just to satisfy my friend, I watched the first episode.  I AM HOOKED!

Completely and totally worth the $7.99 I pay a month for my Netflix subscription.  (As if Downton Abbey doesn’t make it worthwhile ANYWAY!).  Netflix is actually smart,  considering what they’ve been doing with their original series.  Orange is Netflix‘s fifth original content series, it delivers on what Netflix has been promising all along: a new kind of show that thrives under the streaming programming model rather than being compromised by it. They film all the seasons episodes and THEN release them all at the same time.  So you can watch all 13 episodes of “Orange Is The New Black” in one weekend, if you are so inclined.  I.  Am Not. ONLY because I want to enjoy EVERY episode…slowly!

Orange is based on the real-life memoirs of Piper Kerman’s stint in prison.  But it is definitely NOT that typical “prison chick flick” show.  It’s actually, a comedy (or Dramedy, I suppose, cuz there is some great drama as well).Orange honestly confronts the issues these inmates face.  And Piper is not your typical prisoner.  Her 15 months in prison made for a great book, and now an even better t.v. series, now picked up for a season 2!

Women of ALL ages are LOVING Orange and  I think I have an inkling as to why.  It’s the different types of women, that are portrayed.  They are real.  There is at least one character that most chicks can relate too.  And it’s also about how survival is also based not only on relationships, but balancing the good and bad of friendships.  Guys have friendships.  But it’s us chicks who really understand the depth of a true female friendship.  And we also understand how women can backstab as well.   The unique female perspective of this as well as survival in a female prison is very interesting and, it’s really funny!

I recommend “Orange is the New Black”!  GREAT show!  And, again, worth the Netflix subscription alone!