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Luke Bryan__________???

WHAT is a question that you are just ITCHING to have answered by the Lukester himself?  Here’s Behind the scenes of Crash my Party on LBTV to get your mind cranking!

I Want to pass on questions for the WIL Ladies of Chick Click’s to Luke when I interview him next week!  Of course we’ll get the lowdown on what he’s up to musically, as he expects and will want to share with us!  But, what about a question that might surprise him?  I need your help and I’ll make sure and say who you are and where you’re from in the question!   We LOVE our Luke here at WIL and we want him to KNOW IT!  And he SURE CAN get HIS country on with US!  So….Comment now!   Let’s get Luke to answer all your burning questions!

And make them fun!  Lame is okay, if they’re funny!  Luke likes to laugh!  (And we LIKE to see those pearly whites when he does! )

What would YOU ask Luke Bryan, if given the chance?