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Is YOUR mom as crazy as This?

It’s MY mom!  And I find out a total surprise and shock about her and my dad!  What is something you found out about your mom or dad as an adult?  You can see the full episode here:  CLICK HERE ON THIS BLUE LINK TO SEE SUPRISE BY JUDI’S MOM

Judi’s Mom is Crazy…in a good way!

This is my favorite episode of MFF: Mom Friends Forever, the Reality Show that just finished it’s 2nd season on Nickmom (Nick Jr. at night)   that I Co-star in and is filmed locally in St. Louis!  My mom is awesome!  People ask me all the time, “Judi, how real is your show?  It’s scripted, right?”  Actually.  None of the episodes were scripted.   Every day of shooting consisted of the Producers asking Kate and I what was going on in our lives.  That’s what it’s actually called a “Docu-Series”.  In this episode in particular, I literally found out something that shocked me about my mom!  You can see the full episode here:

What makes YOUR mom Crazy