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When Karma BITES BACK!

We all have been in situations that you say “Oooo, some day KARMA will get him or her” when they did something wrong or bad to you? Check out this video!  Did the driver FORCE the Karma?

Like you see that idiot driving like crazy on the highway and tailgating you, then cutting you off, and you WISH there were a cop SOMEWHERE to “GET” him?   You just curse under your breath “Karma’s gonna get that jerk”!  But ya never get to actually SEE it!  Or that guy/girl cheats on you, then THEY get cheated on?

OR….maybe you HAVE seen it?  When have you seen or been a part of Karma when it Bites Back?  And do you believe in Karma?  Do you think that if you do something good, or “pay it forward” that then, in turn, something good will happen to you?

Has that ever happened to you?