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Flu Shot on a Diamond

Getting Cold Feet about getting a Flu Shot?  This is why you need no fear.  Thanks to Barnes Jewish Hospital for making it so easy to stay healthy!

I’ve had flu shots for the last 3 years and I’ve had no side effects other than at the shot site my arm was a bit sore, but no big deal.  I didn’t get any major flu, so I’m hoping to stave off any illness or bad flu this winter season!   I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they have never gotten flu shots and never would.. They believe getting a flu shot MAKES you sick.  Here are some interesting links if you are wondering whether or not it is safe to get a flu shot.  This is from the Center for Disease Control:   This with statistics from WebMD:  and here’s another one:

It’s always a choice that is individual.  Always check with your Doctor to see if a Flu shot is right for you.

Stay Healthy Cardinal Nation!