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Can’t Believe I Caved in and……

Bought a juicer!  lol!  BUT I LOVE IT!   I’m getting soooo healthy cuz of all my advice and supplements from

AND my NEW NUTRITBLAST!  (I caved in and bought it and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!)

If you are a regular Cornbread Show listener, you know the guys give me a hard time about being a vegetarian.  I’m all for the carnivores!  Here’s me at Complete Nutrition talking about the Protein Shakes I LOVE!  I use VCore as the BEST protein powder for my Nutriblast drinks!

Have you ever had a “Seen on T.V.” product that you bought and either had success or had a bad experience?  Share HERE in Our Cornbread Show Chick Clicks cuz we need to help each other out!