Home » Cornbread » Cardinal Pie on Cornbread?
  • Michele Petralia

    I LOVE this video from today……as well as the Artist behind these fabulous pie creations!!

    • Millie Cova

      I agree. These pies are to die for….

  • Facebook User

    Looking forward to delivering the next pie to you Cornbread from your “perch” above Busch where you keep watch over the BIRDS during the World Seriea. Go Birds!

  • Facebook User

    It wasn’t just a win …. it was a WIN. They couldnt “Dodge” Cardinal ammo tonight & we’ll be back at it in a matter of hours for Round 2 @ Busch. There’s no messin’ ‘ with Cornbread Show’s mojo & now that the Cardinal Pie is in , .Monday have coffee & forks fired up & ready for your next Cardinal Pie..