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For ALL the Band Geeks!

Were you a band geek?  Than this is for YOU!

Watch til the end, this is the most amazing band I’ve ever seen!  WOW!  I was a total geek as a teen.  Not a band geek.  A choir and drama club geek.  But we all hung together in the “Geek” area.  I used to DREAM of being a popular “sociay” cheerleader type, but with my curly “Orphan Annie” hair, and crooked teeth, it just wasn’t meant to be.

But I would not go back and change one day of my high school.  I WOULD love to go back KNOWING what I know NOW.  That all of the popularity in the world does not make you a compassionate or caring or giving person, necessarily!   So popular or Geek, that’s what matters the most!

Were you a geek?  What would you go back and change in high school?: