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Cheap Price On Expensive Rug

My NEW (Used) treasure from my Thrift Store bargain hunting.

I might have the last name of Diamond. but I’m FAR from rich and I’ve ALWAYS gone to used and thrift stores and consignment shops to save money.  This latest find I got to add to my treasure trove of great deals comes from one of my local Goodwill stores.  I’ve been hunting for a rug for my living room for over a year.  These rugs are hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  So when I saw this rug for around $30 bucks…I SNAPPED IT UP!   I also got an Adrienne Vitadini sweater….GET THIS…for $3.00 bucks!  You just gotta remember two important things when shopping at thrift stores:  1).  Every day brings new deliveries for many of the stores, so go back often and, 2).  The best days to thrift stores shop, I’ve found, tends to be on Mondays.

Got any great thrift store or garage sale stories to share?  Let’s hear em”!