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To Be Opened In The Event Of My Death

Would YOU Open it?  First, I want to welcome you to the new  “Book Club” here on Chick Clicks!  So here’s the deal.  The Chick Clicks book club is all about SHARING!  I want you ALL to share the latest book or books you are reading or have just read and give a review!   Has anyone read “The Husbands Secret” by Liane Moriarty?  I WANT TO!  And after you see the quick video, what would YOU do if you found such a letter????

It’s #4 on the NY Times best seller list!  Should we start with it?  Listen, If you’re as busy as I am, you don’t necessarily have time for a traditional book club.  I was in one and loved it!   The last book I read in a book club was “Water For Elephants” (A GREAT book!), which was a couple years ago.   I DO miss mingling among fellow book lovers (and the wine!) and perhaps we can think about meeting up every once in awhile for a BFF in person Book Club!  But for all of us on limited time, I hope this will be fun and opens up a lot of GREAT book suggestions for all of us!  We will choose all different genres!  I’ll go first:

I like all different kinds of books, but I’m especially into Historical Fiction and Fantasy/Sci Fi.  I also love a great romance!   But I am totally open to reading all genres!  I will be honest and I hope you will be do!   For example:  Bo got me to read “50 Shades of Gray”.  He and his wife, Daisy, LOVED it!  ME?  I liked it at first, then it bugged me that she was so darn submissive.  Literally!    So.  I stopped in the middle of Book 2.    Bo just could NOT understand!  lol!

A book I loved?

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunterby Seth Grahame-Smith

Okay, before you crack up and go “OMG!  Judi, are you NUTS?”   Okay, I admit, the movie, IMO, was AWFUL!    It was NOTHING like the book!    The book was fascinating and really well written!  The author was able to mix history with paranormal fantasy that just worked!  Here is a BOOK trailer:

Is it something you might consider reading?  NOW!  On to YOUR suggestions!  What is a book you suggest for our first Virtual Book Club of the Chick Clicks?