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What will happen in 2014??


We don’t do a lot of astrology on this show but I  think it’s fun to see what the predictions are for the  new year.

ARIES – Expect some very chance events involving  either (or both of) your home and family. Travel with  your family is possible too.

TAURUS – It’s going to be easier for you to think  positively than it has been in years.

GEMINI – It’s possible the year will bring money out   of the blue. However it can also see you  over-spending.

CANCER – There are signs that your fortunes will  increase!

LEO – You’ll discover that many of your fears are   unfounded and not worth spending your time on.You  can expect to feel like life is much easier.

VIRGO – If you haven’t been getting out and about and  having fun with your friends recently, now you should  make up for lost time — so give and accept as many social invitations as you can.

LIBRA – One of the things you’ll be challenged to do   is to learn to love yourself again. You should, in   theory, be settling down after a rather tumultuous few  years when you had to forgive yourself and others for all sorts of things. Work hard now so you can play   hard later.

SCORPIO – You’ve been working like a dog for so long  that your career probably feels as much of a drag as   anything else. The rewards and the fun at work should  actually start to kick in.

SAGITTARIUS – You’ve probably had a bit of strangeness   in your life lately. But next year you’re going off to see the world, or will be doing some studying.

CAPRICORN – Your love life is going to improve. You’ll  also experience new opportunity and more fun.

AQUARIUS – There have been some pressures that have  been heaped upon you in the work department lately.  But in 2014 relationships which have suffered have the                  chance to improve.

PISCES – Romance, creativity and kids have suffered   recently. But things are looking up for work and  health.