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Do you Agree with my Top Ten?

This year I learned……

Fill in the blank! “What is the one thing you learned this year that has made a true impact or difference in your life?”  I’m calling it TYIL or “This Year I learned____________”  Think about it, every day is an opportunity to learn something new.  Discover something brand new about someone you work with, your significant other, your kid, or yourself!  Another day to learn about the world around you.  Be surprised by what may have always been perhaps boring to you.

AND Here is a list I put together of things we all learned in 2013!  Hope you enjoy it!

Top 10 Things we Learned in 2013:

1).  2013 The YEAR for the BEARD? You don’t have to be a celebrity like Keanu Reeves or George Clooney to suddenly sport the “beard”!  2013 seemed to be the year guys decided to “Get scruffy”!  My boyfriend “2×4” sports a very sexy, beard!  I love it!

2). The problem with Obamacare, I can no longer afford underwear!  The Government can’t fix the site, but Target can scam us all day and night!

3). Miley was cuter holding a Teddy Bear as Hannah Montana, then grinding with them, OR a foam finger and Robin Thicke.  EW!  Nuf’ said.

4).  The only thing more perverse  than a politician showing his junk on twitter, is said’ politician refusing to pull out of race.  Who’s meaner than a caught Wiener?

5).  If you can Twerk, you might be able to Harlem Shake. But it was The Fox Dance that I loved and taught all of Breadhead Cardinals fans as we fox danced and cheered outside the stadium!  Cuz what the Fox REALLY says is “Go Cards”!

6).  Big Pappy didn’t make us happy.  But Cornbread never stopped, his Cardinals chop,  of sacrificial beards, as we all yelled “The Beard Stops Here”!

7). In a classy turn of stupid celebrity baby names like “North”,  a Royal Baby was born with a semi-normal name (albeit a bit long) Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, proving, again, that although the Brits dentists aren’t as great as ours, their celebs are classier.

8). We learned the NSA Spies, politicians lie, and the TSA had us rolling our eyes.  What else is new?

9).  Mac’s parody’s included “Birds Round Here”, “Cardinal In The Wind” and “Time of Your Life Greenday Spoof” proving that although Cornbread and I want more, Mac is STILL the BEST ONLY Singing Traffic Reporter In The WORLD!

10).  And the most important thing I, personally, learned in 2013:   Although we said goodbye to the great, the amazing, STAN THE MAN, he will ALWAYS REMAIN The classiest and best St. Louis Cardinal that lived!  To #6:  “We love you Stan, 2013 Heaven received a real Angel”!

HERE’S TO 2014!          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!