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Things Every Kid Should Experience Before Becoming Teens!

I saw a list on Cafemom recently that was listing things every kid should experience before the age of 10.  I liked the list, but I decided to make a list of my own, altered a bit, to:

The Top 10 Things Every Kid Should experience before BECOMING TEENAGERS!  Why?  Because it’s those wonderful, obnoxious teen years that kids go from having fun to being “embarrassed all the time” and doing “whatever their peers are doing”.  So, here is my list.  What would you add to the list?

1).  Dance in the grocery aisle with your mom before you are “too embarrassed” to be seen with her!

2).   Play in the woods and climb a lot of trees!

3).  Play house while you still don’t know the real meaning of “Playing House”.

4).  Experience something from their ethnicity.  (This from my friend, Arlene who is very proud of her heritage).

5). Write a letter to Santa, The Easter Bunny AND The Tooth Fairy…..Some day you might doubt they are real!

6).  For the Girls:   Do NOT use makeup and wear INNOCENT halloween costumes!    You will have plenty of years to be “sexy” (Even though you NEVER HAVE to BE Sexy!)

7).  For the Boys:  Get a BMX bike, find a  group of boys to hang out with , create chaos and get lots of bruises. (Actually, this could be for Girls too!)

8).  Build a tree house and  have a Boys or Girls Only Club.

9).  Spend time in the kitchen with your mom or dad or grandparents or whoever cooks and learn a secret family recipe.

10). Put on a talent show for the neighborhood and charge a quarter admission.

What would YOU add to my list?