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Every Ring Has a Story….

I was asked recently by a guy friend of mine, “why is jewelry so important to so many of you ladies? ”   He brought it up because he was talking about how much his wife was pining for a Heather B. Moore necklace she saw at Clarkson Jewelers.   Apparently she’d been not just leaving him hints, but put their little son up to bugging him to get “mommy that really pretty necklace”!     He was smart, and got  her the coolest necklace with a custom engraved saying that she loved.  (btw, here’s the Heather Moore line she was loving:  )

But the answer to his original question “Why do you chicks love jewelry so much”, came to me as I re-discovered a ring my father had given me for my 18th birthday during my “Spring” cleaning this past weekend.  It was tucked far back in my jewelry box and as I put it on my finger,  I was flooded with memories and feelings that one simple ring gave me.  For me,  it is more than just an accessory, every piece of jewelry I own has a story.  Every necklace.  Every pair of earrings.  Every Ring.  Every Diamond.  Has.  A.  Story.

The ring that my dad gave me was special because being the youngest of four, many times I struggled to get the attention I wanted from my mom and especially my dad.  You know how it is, being a girl.  Many daughters put their father on a pedestal.  I was no different.  My dad was and still is the strongest, smartest and best man I have ever known!  The ring is a simple tri-color band with leaves.    But to me, it means the world.

So I suppose the answer to my friends question is simply this:  Women love jewelry because we love the connection we feel for each piece.  Sure, we LOVE getting compliments on our “beautiful” Engagement/wedding rings!  Love to wear earrings that make us feel beautiful!  Love to put on just the right necklace to elongate our necks and go with the perfect outfit!  We love to feel spoiled like the celebrities when we put on something sparkly!  But it’s more than that.  It’s memories!   And if you think it’s just the ladies that feel this way…..I’ll wager there are a ton of guys who have a special watch or special pair of cufflinks that were handed down from their own father, or grandfather.  Or given to them by their wife, their kids or even their boss!   This Diamond girl knows, that every diamond…has a story.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that has special meaning?  Do share!