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Trash to Treasure! Clicks Crafts!

LOOK WHAT I MADE!   Anyone who knows me,  knows I love my wine!   So, what to do with all those wine bottles?  I was in a store in Grafton and saw these really pretty painted wine bottles and I thought, “I can do that”!  So here it is!  My VERY FIRST “CLICKS CRAFTS”!  Here’s how I did it:

Materials needed:

Empty Wine bottle,  Spray paint (I used Krylon pink),  Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Decorative various sparkles or old broken jewelry (I used an old broach) and if you are like me:  SPARKLES!  (I used self adhesive little dot blings).  I got everything at Michaels!  So here’s how ya do it:

#1).  Drink Some Wine with YOUR BFF or honey!

#2).  Delete labels and thoroughly clean empty wine bottle and dry completely.

#3).   In a well ventilated area, cover the outside of the bottle with your spray paint.  (I use a large cardboard box to spray the bottle in so it it doesn’t get all over my outside plants !)

#4).  Dry about an hour.  I also did a second coat of sparkle paint to give it extra sparkle pizazzo!

#5).  Using your Tacky Glue, this is the fun part!  Decorate with your decorative pieces!  I found a bunch of old broken jewelry pieces at Goodwill for pennies!  And A bag of Ribbons at Goodwills I got for a dollar!

#5)  Let dry and you’re done!  ENJOY!  I’ll drink to that! :)