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Clicks Crafts! This is an AWESOME baby shower Gift!

Thank you soooo much to the talented Monica Lightfoot!  She saw my wine click craft and I asked for submissions of your crafts to share!  I will put them up for everyone to see and share!  Look at this adorable diaper wreath Monica made!  PERFECT if you are throwing a baby shower for a friend!  Then she can use the diapers after the party!  Here’s the picture (instructions to follow):

Great Baby Shower decoration / Gift!

1-1596056_10151923657813963_1789135187_oso, how can this be done?  Well, here are the easy instructions from Monica!

1-24 in wire floral wreath (Michaels for 6.00)

1-pkg of size one Huggies

ribbon (colors your choice) Curling ribbon is sometimes easier to use

baby toys/items your choice

Open diapers and put around the wire wreath attach with with ribbon all the way around so no wire is showing. repeat till no wire is showing. attach toys with extra pieces of ribbon and it is just that easy!

Monica Lightfoot

LOVE IT!  And like Monica, if YOU have a craft to share, please email me~ and I’ll share them with all our chicks clicks!

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  1. A diaper cakes, I know whom made them if anyone wanted them