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The Tobasco Files: #hotoffthepress

HOTP!  New For YOU!  New on The Cornbread Show!  I’m gonna have the Top Trending Buzz perfect for all those work or school conversations every day on the Cornbread Show for you!  Did I miss anything?  Always let me know, and if YOU have an inside Scoop, Email me and I’ll make sure you get all the credit!  Here’s Today’s #Hotoffthepress!

1).  Michelle Obama had a TOP SECRET party at the White House to celebrate her big 50!  So, who was there?  Beyonce (who performed “Single Ladies” and “Irreplaceable”, Stevie Wonder (who performed “Signed sealed, Delivered), Google King Eric Schmidt, Disney honcho Bob Iger, American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault, Ashley Judd, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Clinton, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Billie Jean King, Donna Karan and Carlyle Group co=founder David Rubenstein to name a few!  Was your invite lost in the mail like mine?

2).  American Eagle is putting a stop to photoshopping for it’s new Lingerie Campaign!  Yes, the models are young, thin and beautiful, but they also have birthmarks, acne, blemishes, tattoos and even stretch marks!  And they’re  not going to hide them because they are on a mission to give young girls better role models and learn to embrace themselves, blemishes and all!

3).  Forget Planking,  It’s Called “LeBroning” and it’s the internet trend among teens inspried by LeBron James “Flobs” on the Basketball Court!  Guess THAT’s What the Fox Says!  Here’s what it looks like:


A stage Accident following Luke Bryan’s concert last Thursday in Columbus, OH has delayed his tour and left four crew members injured and Luke, just a bit shaken up and worried for his crew.
Jana Kramer is learning Spanish!  That’s what she posted on her Facebook page !  After her recent trip to Honduras to help with the organization “Hearts To Honduras” she decided to download the Rosetta Stone Spanish Language learning tools because she plans to return and help some more, and wants to be able to really connect through their own language!
What does Jason Aldean have to say about working on his new album and if his ups and downs both personally (divorce) and professionally ) hot year AND An ACM?   Here’s what he said recently according to The Boot:

“The music may reflect it a little bit, but to me, stuff happens,”  “It’s a done deal and I don’t dwell on those things. I’m all right. I don’t think about that.”
And THAT is #Hotoffthepress on The Cornbread Show, WIL and Your Diamond Girl!