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Ever wanted to ask A Pro Designated Driver something?

It’s Tobasco Files time!

Who said:

“Nothing prepared me for being this Awesome.  It’s kind of a shock to wake up every morning and be bathed in this purple light”.  –  Bill Murray

Ever wanted to ask someone famous a question but knew you’d never get the opportunity?  Not just celebrities like Bill Murray , (Mark Hamill and Hank Azaria are upcoming guests) but just interesting or even non-interesting people with interesting jobs or just about anything?  I am hooked on Reddit’s IAmA forum.  The famous open themselves up to your questions.  They are, Reddit says, Verified, and why not?  What else do they have to do at night?  Watch themselves on t.v. or old movies?  In the case of one Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is doing it for a charity.  What did Arnold answer when asked “what was the most feminine part of him”?   Here’s the link for you to check it out and I’m looking forward to seeing what Google Employees have to say!

Are you Following the  Selfieolympics yet?  OMG!  YOU SHOULD!!!!!!!


And….everything I’ve learned (or at least in the last year or so) about beauty tips and tricks I learned from Kandee!  LOVE this chick!