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  • Denise ForhanGalati

    Beautiful , Amazing WOMEN ! :)

  • Jason Brown

    R.I.P. to the strongest woman that I have ever had the pleasure to know. You will be greatly missed

  • Lori Krieg-Phillips

    Amazing, Strong, Beautiful Lady!! RIP Chris!!

  • sweetde83

    R.I.P. Chris! You were a beautiful person inside and out from what I understand!!! Go Team Chris!!!

  • Carolyn Cullen

    Thank you for spreading the word about Chris Allsup. I did not know her, but from the thousands of posts, pictures, and videos I’ve seen I can tell she was a special person. My heart is with Patricia, Jen, and her family.I hope someday soon they find a cure for this horrible disease.

  • Melissa Myers

    RIP chris!! You are a wonderful women who have touched so many people’s heart!! Glad she’s no longer in pain and with our maker!! She will be truely missed God bless you chris! ! #team chris# Facebook

  • Amy Kern-Huite

    Thank you Cornbread! You rock!

  • jennifer wiese

    Thanks so much for sharing with your fans the wonderful story that is #teamchris. Making time to add her to your show and let people get a chance to hear her story as well as be a part of it by adding the info where they could connect is truely an admirable thing. :-) Thank you also to the entire WIL team for all you do for donating so much in trying to find a cure for this ‘monster’ breast cancer. Fight like a girl! Be kind! Go #teamchris

  • Jennifer Rogers

    This was beautiful!! I think Cornbread’s team at Race For The Cure this year should be #TeamChris!! :)

  • Pattie Ketterer

    Thank You Cornbread, this is amazing!!! #TeamChris #FightLikeAGirl

  • Sharon Rigney

    R.I.P chris… im so honored to have known such a sweet and caring person. you have made such an impact on people’s lives and you will forever…. keep smiling so many people love you….I agree race for the cure should be #teamchris…. #fightlikeagirl

  • Patti Vorwick

    Thank you for sharing our friend over the air. Love to Chris, Pat, Jenn, their family and all of Team Chris! So proud to be a part of this amazing group of people. We won’t stop spreading Chris’s message until Cancer is cured!

  • Lisa Gaines

    Thank you Cornbread for sharing her story!!! Fight Like A Girl #TeamChris RIP Chris Fly High ❤

  • Amanda Boswell

    Thank you for sharing Chris’ story, Cornbread. Chris was a beautiful, courageous woman and I will miss her dearly.

  • angienewellhammond

    thank you Cornbread and WIL. so awesome that u brought awareness. Chris was a wonderful woman. I feel blessed just for the fact that i was lucky enough to know her. Her sister Pat is a gem as well. RIP Chris! You will be/are missed by many.