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Crazy Couple Ask Internet to Name Their Baby

Here’s to changing Mundane Monday to Moronic Monday with today’s Tabasca Files!  Why moronic?  Well, would YOU ask the internet to name YOUR baby?  One crazy couple is doing just that and IMO, it is just a moron thing to do!  So WHAT is the top name as of now?  check it out!  You can vote as well, btw!  As long as it’s not Apple or North!  (Those are already taken, thank you celebrity couples!)

Sure, we all love a great Super Bowl party!  But, how about a Bedazzled or flowered Football Helmet to go with it?  I do believe I just heard a “gasp” from Demarco Farr of our sister station, ESPN!  Leave it to Bloomingdales to come up with a way for Football and Fashion to get flowery and sparkly!  See what I mean here:

Love it!  And last on the Tabasco files:  How many times have you actually said the words “Get Down” to anyone?   Well, they are two of the most said words in movies!  Check out this trending up video montage of movie clips with characters uttering the phrase “Get Down” time and time again!

Have a GREAT Monday!