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Disgusting and Dirty? Tabasco Files gets dirty!

So the beard hasn’t stopped here or anywhere, and it’s costing some companies money!  Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, and Gillette are among some of the companies losing money thanks to the “Hipster” bearded look!  Some have even gone so far to call the bearded look “Disgusting and Dirty”!  I, do NOT agree!  My boyfriend, 2By, has a full beard and I think is very sexy!  What’s sexier beard or no beard?  here’s the story:

Watch Me Eat is the biggest Viral video in South Korea!  Cornbread would LOVE this!


How a Lazy Animal can mean be the anti-cancer fighting secret we need?

A list that just might surprise you!  WHO are the top 10 most INTELLIGENT people in the World?  James Woods was number 10 on the list with an IQ of 180 !  The smartest person in the world has an IQ of 230 .  Now, think of this, Einsteins IQ was between 160 and 180!   See the ranks here: