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Poor Taylor Get’s Attacked at Grammy’s

Tabasco Files feels for poor Taylor Swift!  What was UP with her headbanging?  This might explain it!

Welcome to the YomYomF Studio, where poorly buffered videos, come to life.  It’s my pick for the youtube channel YOU should be subscribing too.  The creative minds behind the new YOMYOMF Network — Director Justin Lin (“Fast Five”), YouTubers Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, and Chester See.  If you haven’t heard of YumYumf Network, check out their video below with some of their friends including Jessica Alba, Tyrese, Sung Kang, Masi Oka, Wayne Brady, Harry Shum Jr. and what happened when the team actually attempted to launch their YouTube channel

The Royal Family has run through a fortune, according to this report from ABC:

“How did the spending of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family get so out of control that they are down to their last million? Blame her people, at least according to a report published today. The British House of Commons’ public accounts committee released a 35-page report that said the queen received 31 million pounds, or about $50 million, from taxpayers for 2012-2013, but overspending had whittled down the royal Reserve Fund to 1 million pounds at the end of that period”.