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Paying Homage…er Omage…or something like that…to Cornbread

Happy Hump (ump) Day!  On Today’s Tabasco Files, I’m going to pay homage to the word Homage!  And other words we mispronounce!  Or , I do, according to Cornbread!  Yesterday, when we were talking about the Super Bowl ad of contraversary (The Coca Cola ad with America The Beautiful song in different languages), I made a statement that foreigners were paying “homage” to the U.S.   I pronounced the “H”.  Cornbread immediately said I was wrong and that the word is pronounced WITHOUT the H.  SOOOO, me being someone who just has to prove everything (or…google it!), did a little research!  And Lo and Behold:  WE ARE BOTH RIGHT!  According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Software, both pronunciations can be used, although in their audio, they DO, in fact, say it without the H!  I blame it on my English father!  He messed me up in so many pronunciations!  But, this may be why:

AND other words you might be pronouncing wrong and NEVER KNEW IT!

And Now, I would like to pay Homage to Cornbread!

It is my Honor to work with Cornbread every day!  Although the Hours are early,  it is Honestly worth it.  Although he doesn’t get that I eat spinach or Herbs, being on the Cornbread Show has made me one A‘ppy funsize girl!  (Btw, my car is Jalapeno Green).

Stressed?  Overwhelmed?  HERE is the prescription that might work for you!  FUNNY!

Are you a good liar?  Find out in Seconds with this scientific (?) Test!

I found out I’m an introvert and a bad liar!  A’ve a great U’mp Day!


Benedict Cumberbatch (Aka Sherlock) was on Sesame Street!  VIRAL VIDEO HERE:

In the latest clip from Sesame Street, the Sherlock star is forced into a confrontation with Moriarty’s Muppet alter-ego Murray-arty, who challenges Cumberbatch to solve a tricky mystery that requires comparing apples and oranges.

The conundrum must be a real brain teaser because Cumberbatch has no choice but to spoil the illusion that he is Sherlock Holmes and is forced to call in back up. Luckily Sesame Street‘s very own Count is able to come and save the day. Find out if the combined brainpower of these two masterminds can crack the case by watching the Internet’s new favorite video.