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Custom Designed NEW Home from $30,000???

Wouldn’t it be nice to live like the rich?  To have the beautiful floors and kitchen and baths and all that THEY have?  But do it for less than what many pay for a luxury CAR?  I know, right?!!?!  Check out this Video I shot when I was visiting the Clayton Home Center in Festus Mo.

WHO KNEW that living in a manufactured home could be sooooo classy and sophisticated?  And the best part:  YOU CAN LIVE WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE!

A Clayton Home is great whether you’re a first time home buyer, a homeowner wanting to add a smaller home to your property or even a business owner who wants to add a place for clients to stay when visiting for business!

check out all the possibilities of a Clayton Home at: or (and for terms and conditions) and also ClaytonHomesof!