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Surprises Found at Si Robertson’s Place!

Wanna know how Si Robertson lives?  Wanna LIVE like Si?  I FINALLY got to see a Si Robertson Clayton Home from his Commander Series and I was BLOWN AWAY!  I visited Clayton Homes of Festus, MO ,  and I took a tour inside several models of their brand new homes and not only are they beautiful but extremely affordable, customizable and you can live whereEVER you want?  Check out the Mossy Oak Fireplace and Si’s place here:

Wanna get your own SI Pad?  Check out or (and for terms and conditions) and also ClaytonHomesof!

I knew that manufactured and modular homes were extremely affordable (Clayton homes range in price from under $30,000 for a BRAND NEW HOME!) but I have never seen such CLASSY AND BEAUTIFUL manufactured and modular homes!  That’s why Si owns a Clayton Home!  It makes him HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

And, as you can see, Kay is very happy in her Clayton home kitchen because it’s so large with lots of cabinets and…and…AN APRON SINK!?  That’s pretty cool!  AND right now you can MAX your TAX refund with up to $8,000 back on a Clayton Home!