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Nauseating or Sweet?

…Or Just plain nauseating!  The Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko (Are all Russian figure skaters names “Plushenko”?) got quite the lovely “boost” of a picture from his wife in the stands at the games.  Now.  If she was the man and he the woman, the chick would dig it!  (Most of us chicks love nauseating mush…I know I do!).  BUT, did she go too far?  Do you suppose his skater friends are totally making fun of him?  What am I talking about?  Check it out here:–photo-203520663.html

Did ya like the Russian Police gettin’ lucky with their Daft Punk cover of “Get Lucky” or did you think it was JUST BIZARRE?  Personally, I like THIS version better!  These are some DAFT Pianists!

and in case you missed the Russian Police doing Daft Punk:

and can you imagine working with someone for a long time then to later find out he’s your BROTHER?  It’s a TRUE story! Check it out:

And we have Trading cards for our beloved Cardinals, why shouldn’t the Russian Police have their own trading cards?  LOL:

Happy Monday!