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How To Take Your Fish For A Walk….or spin

What does a groomsman, a college student, a new teacher and Taylor Swift all have  in common?  The all use Diet Coke to help get them ready for just about anything and that’s the basis for Taylor’s new Diet Coke Commercial:

When it comes to having a pet, many people, especially those like my boyfriend (2by) have allergies that prohibit him from having a sweet, loving little pet.  BUT he CAN have a fish and has had pet fish in the past!  They are pretty easy to take care of, but wouldn’t it be nice to take your fish out for a walk….or maybe, for a “spin”?  One company is banking on it!   Studio Diip has created a motorized go-cart. For fish. TWhen your little “Nemo” starts to swim in a particular direction, her movement is captured by a top-mounted web cam, processed by a Beagleboard and used to steer the Arduino-controlled carriage under her bowl.  Take a look at the video demonstration below:

Would you buy such a toy for your fish?

What happens when a kid doesn’t listen to her father about not playing with his minecraft Lego toys in the basement?  Magic!  Soooo cute!  And I love that she keeps her baby brother occupied!

Is Facebook getting old?  Well, Mark Zuckerberg is always ahead of the tech times, and so he has partnered with a new company to create an App called The Paper! Paper is the first product born of Creative Labs, a new space within Facebook for small teams to develop ideas and apps and see if they stick. To build the app, Zuckerberg enlisted Mike Matas, who designed software for the original iPhone, Nest’s trademark thermostat interface, and Al Gore’s pioneering interactive eBook Our Choice. His work has cemented touch-based interfaces in the modern vernacular — especially as they pertain to manipulating text and photos on a screen with your fingers.  Here is what it looks like: