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How To Peel A Potato With Bare Hands

She’s goth, tattooed and a great cook and she can peel a potato with her bare hands!  Here’s how:

In honor of tomorrows Cardboard Sled Classic, how about a little MAUI Sledding:

With over 6 million views, people DO HAVE enough attention span to watch a 14+ minute trailer for the Game of Thrones Season 4:  Ice and Fire:  Forshadowing!   I CAN’T WAIT!  And I know that Mac and I are not alone as being true GOT’ers!  Check it out here:

Definitely one of the few times that the show is just as good if not better than the books!

National Geographic show has found the Time Capsule containing Steve Jobs mouse from the 80’s!  What else did it contain?  check out here:

If you made a time capsule, what would you put in it?


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!  Was this a good idea for the bride to sing while walking down the aisle?

Carrie Underwood was probably too expensive?  It was a sweet gesture, but hmmm…..

See you on the slope tomorrow!