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Valentine’s Tabasco Files All About Love

If you’re alone this Valentines Day, or , even if you’re not, this is THE feel good Valentines Viral Video of the Day!  A handsome Acapella Group of guys randomly croon love songs to unsuspecting ladies and their reactions are PRICELESS!!!   I want these guys to sing for ME!

This for the ladies!  Ya ever wanna know what your man’s text REALLY means?  There’s a dating and relationship advice site you can take your question and a panel of guys will be honest and answer in their opinion, what your guy REALLY means!  Not just texting either, relationship advice on all kinds of questions like this:

“I gave him my number at work he texted me next day I told him I was a hot mess- his response how can I help you with that? Is he interested or not?”

Many of the guys on the panel responded, here’s an example of one:  “You should not have said you were a “hot mess.” What do you expect from him? Go back and tell him you like him and you got weird about it. Ask him if he wants to spend time together with you”.  and another guy said: “He probably thought it was funny you said you were a hot mess, just flirt with him!”  Wanna see more and get advice?  Here’s the link to the site:

SO THIS is how Valentines Day Started!

and for you GUYS, THIS is how to tell if she is FAKE: