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Have a Memory as detailed as Taylor in 15 minutes

I am still so impressed at the memory that Taylor Swift has in remembering not just the faces of people she’s met, but details about their lives!  She remembered Cornbread’s daughters name and Danny Montana’s Daughters name.  She remembered I did a reality show and even commented how her mom loved the show!  So, would you like to remember names and details about people better like Taylor?  All it takes is 15 minutes a day and you will probably get to be a WIZ about it !   Here’s a GREAT article to help you with just that!  One great tip is to “Follow Through”:  Workout your memory by spending 15 minutes every night recalling everyone you’ve met and everything that was said every day.  You might just become especially well known for your awesome ability to remember information!  Here’s more:

Why didn’t Mac think of this!  A song Ode To “The People Of walmart!”  Here ya go!  lol:

“big hair, dreadlocks, little shorts, red locks, puppettear, smiley shorts, no shirt, no shoes, oops i took a poo, spider man , back boobs, metal creep, hipster creep, little bo peep, lost her sheep.”

SWEET VIDEO!   A boy with Autism who has a fixation with the weekly garbage truck gets a sweet surprise from the garbage man!!!!   Feel good viral of the day from Tabasco!  check it out!  It will make your Monday:

Have a good one!