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Bill Nye in Breaking Bad!

LOVE THIS:  REALWomen Photoshopped into Cover Models!  WOW!

This is a classic from a couple of years ago, but I decided to bring it back just for CB, since CB is always saying “kids are soft” these days!  Reporter Dunks on Kid and makes him CRY!  Check it out:

Are you a “Lefty”?  Then this could be FOR YOU!  Want to be a politician? How about a medieval knight? Then maybe you should consider becoming a lefty. Presenting 10 curious facts about being left-handed. 40% of schizophrenics were left handed according to one study.  Left handers apparently drink more often.

BUT, HERE’s where he’s REALLY making a big scene!  Bill Nye IN Breaking BAD:

Are we crazy for playing Power Ball?  The odds are:  1 in 175,223,510.00 that we will have that ticket!  Hey! We have more chances than being hit by an asteroid, right?  Umm..not quite.  Here are 10 things more likely to happen then winning the lottery!  Some of them include being born with an extra toe, Dating a supermodel, an asteroid with the power of over 4000 nuclear weapons hitting earth and becoming the President of the United States!  (Odds on that:  1 in 10 million)  wanna see the entire list?  Check it out here: