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Dad In A Box is the BEST Surprise for Little Girl!

Big Daddy Gift is BEST Surprise for Little Girl:

Coming February 24th to TNT, It’s The Private Lives of Nashville Wives!  Here’s a trailer to a show I have been talking about!

I love the drama, but I love more that the drama surrounds the behind the scenes of Country Music and Nashville!  I got a sneak peak of the first four episodes and I AM HOOKED!  I can’t wait for you to start watching on the 24th and then we can chat about the show!  I will tell you, I already have my favs!  I LOVE the craziness of the twins Betty and Ana!  They remind me of Kate and I!  I’m the Betty to Kate’s Ann!  And could Sarah be the next big thing?  She performs “Bright lights big city” the opening song for the show and she happens to be married to a HUGE award winning Nashville songwriter!  Ever heard of the songs “Boys Round Here”, “Just a Kiss”, “Rain Is a good Thing” and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”?  Those are just a snippet of songs that Dallas has co-written for big country stars!  Here’s a link to the show page as well:

“Set in and around the capital of the high-stakes country music business, Private Lives of Nashville Wives will follow a group of accomplished, opinionated and driven women as they deal with professional challenges, family issues and social relationships”.

and….hot on the hotness that IS Game of Thrones, an artist did something very cool!

Game of Thrones characters turned into Disney Princesses!  Pretty cool!  check it out!  Which one are YOU?

Black Guy vs. White Guy breaking into Car.  A social Experiment.  Are you surprised?

and….what would YOU think would be the most influential candy bar?  Time magazine has the answer and a surprising reason why!

“The most influential candy bar of all time isn’t a Hershey bar, a Snickers, or a Baby Ruth. According to Time magazine, it’s the Kit Kat What sets it apart from its also-very-tasty competition? The Kit Kat bar was the first candy to be marketed around the concept of SHARING!  It was the first candy bar to have a global following and, let’s face it…it’s got the BEST Ear Worm Jingle EVER!

Break me off a piece of YOUR Kit Kat Bar!