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Red Nail Polish Saving Lives?

Who Knew!

If you are someone who texts and drives, or you know someone who texts and drives, spread the word!  It might just save your or someone you love, life!  AND I saw something that made me stop dead in my texting while driving tracks!  It was a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that said:  “My son died because he was texting and driving.  PLEASE, put your phone down!”.  Trust me. I did.

AND HOT ON Social Media!  Is Talking Angela Spying on you?  Hot App that tween/teens could or could not be hurting kids?   Here is the truth:

STILL, be reminded that watch what personal information YOU let out no matter what!  Funny thing:  It became one of the most downloaded free Apps on itunes over the weekend!  So, if you have an app and you wanna make it hot?  Get contraversial!  (Remember, Flappy Birds, anyone?)

40% of men are afraid to approach “Their Crush”!  This might help!  Tips to help YOU land your crush (This is for the guys!)  Ladies, do you agree?

happy monday!