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New “Face” of Beauty is Total Horror Story!

Think kids don’t know the Beatles?  Think again!  Check out this video of “Kids React To…THE BEATLES”!  Mac will LOVE this, me thinks:

Do you suppose all these beauty lines are banking on the women in the age groups with the most money to spend?  According to Huffington Post, “2014 is shaping up to be the year of timeless radiance for the beauty industry”!  VERY interesting that not only has Jessica Lange, the award winning actress of American Horror Story has been tapped to be the NEW face for Marc Jacobs as seen here:

But,  if you remember a supermodel from the 80’s by the name of Stephanie Seymour, she is ALSO a NEW face for the Estee’ Lauder campaign AND Dexter’s Charlotte Rampling was recently announced as NARS Cosmetic’s NEW Face!  What do these women all have in common?  They are all over 45!  To be exact, Stephanie is 45, Jessica is 64,  and Charlotte is 68.  Speaking about Stephanie, Women’s Wear Daily said “”Stephanie represents modern women today in such a beautifully articulated way and she represents modern beauty and luxury to us. ”

I say beauty comes in all sizes AND ages!

I was trying to ignore this, but it was trending so high, I had to share.  It’s a couple guys with 50 movie spoilers of 2013 including the 9 Oscar nominees in UNDER 6 MINUTES!  Check out what YOUR co-workers are gonna be checking out today right here: