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What does Couch Skiiing Look Like?

Did you know that Facebook advertises to get Facebook Ads?  This is one of them called Couch Skiiing and it’s funny:

Kids react to Rotary Phones:

Ya ever get a funny reaction from a kid on “old” technology?

and speaking of new technology, Selfie’s arent’ going anywhere anytime soon, and this new award winning FREE App is making taking Selfies so much easier!  From USA Today:  “Selfies usually can only capture a shot at a distance that’s the length of your arm. But what if a hand gesture could serve as a remote for your smartphone’s camera?

PointGrab’s new CamMe smartphone app utilizes gesture control to allow users to snap a selfie. Make your hand into a fist, and a remote counts down before taking a picture. The app released new features Monday, like “Photo Booth”, that takes a series of photos just like a classic photo booth. There are also goofy photo cutouts, in case you wanted to see yourself as a mermaid. The app can also serve as a way to get everyone in the picture, instead of asking a friend to stay behind the camera.  Interested?  Here’s the link or just search CamMe on your smartphone App Store:

Smile for the Selfie!