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Facebook Page Becomes T.V. Show & What IS Whaling OUT?

Forget Planking.  Or Owling.  Or even Milking.  Now it’s seconds of people #whalingout on vine.  check out one here:

I feel kinda bad for the supermarket Managers!  lol!

It was announced at the 2014 SXSW trade show (SXSW, as I mentioned on Monday’s edition of Tabasco Files, is the who’s who of everything from Film and t.v. to music and digital media) the wildly popular Facebook Page: will will serve as the inspiration for a television show of the same name, set to debut later this year on Science Channel.  It seems like it’s the television series to step off the pages and popularity of Facebook!  Will it survive?  Does this mean that, perhaps, CONSUMERS (GASP) might ACTUALLY have a SAY on what they wanna watch on t.v.?  From actress turned Math Genius Danica McKeller getting On DWTS, to this Science page getting a t.v. deal, could GEEK REALLY be the new BLACK?

Happy #transformationtuesday and what are YOU transforming?  Last Week, Selena Gomez sported a bindi in an Instagram Pic (if you don’t know what that looks like, here’s the link)

The Bindi is a Hindu symbol, and although several religious leaders have asked her to refrain from wearing it, she continues to do so.   Hmmm…maybe she is converting to Hinduism?

The new re-made show “Cosmos” was sure trending hot yesterday!  According to, NASA tweeted that it created a new album on its Flickr account with a few never-before-seen images of celestial bodies, in conjunction with Sunday’s premiere of Cosmos. Mixed with some old photos, the entire album of 43 images shows how the parts of our universe we don’t see can be amazing, scary, and beautiful all at once. Some of the photos depict phenomena seen on the 13-episode series, which remakes and pays tribute to Carl Sagan’s 1980 program. Wanna see the pics?  Here’s the link: