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One Girl. 14 Genres of music! Girl can Sing! (But, no country?)

This Girl Can SING!   She’s got millions of views in just days on youtube and it’s her first video, “One Girl, 14 Genres”

KEEPY is a popular new app for families that enables you to save and share your kid’s precious memories.   In other words, it helps you get ride of those piles of artwork, schoolwork and other projects stacked up around the house.  Here’s the video of what it is:

Just snap a photo of your child’s memento, date it, tag it and leave an optional voiceover about what makes it a special memory. The app then lets you privately share your child’s mementos with extended family. And your child’s memories are saved forever, so you can save a few favorite pieces of artwork or schoolwork and toss the rest. Visit to download it for free.

Wanna make your own video game!  A local St. Louis Techie guy has already raised enough money thanks to Kickstarter for “Pixel Press:  Draw Your Own Video Game” App!  Great for you and definitely great for your kids!  check it out here

And Chelsea Handler didn’t care much for Piers Morgan’s questions: